Chinook Food Bank

The Chinook Foodbank, located behind the Chinook School, has a loyal, hardworking staff of
volunteers that assist people in need twice a month to get essential food for themselves and
their families.
Foodbank hours are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, from 1pm to 3pm. Basic food
items, both dry goods and frozen or cold foods are delivered by the volunteers to our people’s
cars. Through the years we’ve gotten to know our community, hear and empathize with their
stories and hopefully add some bit of relief in just one aspect of their lives.
But we can’t do it without you, our community donors, who contribute food, toiletries,
household and even fur baby’s food. We are constantly awed and thankful of the generous
financial donations that come to us throughout the year.
We depend on the community’s generosity, especially that of the Corder Foundation. We,
along with the other food banks on the peninsula, have been recipients of matching funds
from the foundation raising close to $35,000 for Chinook alone in the past 3 years. Our
fundraising push is at the end of November through the middle of December for the matching
Corder Foundation funds. This keeps us sustainable throughout the year to run the foodbank.
Statistically Speaking:
We have been collecting statistical data since 2020, the beginning of the pandemic, to watch
the trends of community need, primary ages affected, and where in the community the
demand is highest. The data helps us with anticipating future needs and what our community
approach should be. Below is the current 2023 year stats.
We report monthly to the State of Washington Agriculture Department Food Assistance
Program where we are enrolled in the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), and NW
Coastal Harvest, our area food distributor. We had a state audit this past year and everything
was on target with compliance.

Chinook Food Bank Accumulative Statistics

Month/Year Households Individuals Children Adults Seniors Homeless
1/23 74 188 57 62 69 0
2/23 76 202 51 85 66 0
3/23 105 246 66 103 77 0
4/23 51 122 33 44 44 0
5/23 85 215 50 95 70 1
6/23 90 237 69 85 83 0
7/23 92 239 60 104 75 3
8/23 91 231 50 105 75 10
9/23 101 250 59 111 80 5

Our Crew:
Let us introduce to you our dedicated volunteers, who, without their continuous support, the
food bank would not be as well-organized as it is today. Averaging 75 to 90 hours per month,
these volunteers know the meaning of community giving and we are so lucky to have them.
Our Coordinator, Kathy Hughes, has boundless energy and is always there on food bank day
with treats!
Maybe that’s why we come!
Additionally, our enthusiastic crew consists of, Debbie Patana, Jim Kirsch, Leslie Walters, Kim
Wirkkala, Blaine Ketcheson, Sheila Cox, Kenny Ooley, Mike Swenson and Jerry Cox. We have
recently lost our long time valuable volunteer, Jane Reese, who has moved out of state. She is
missed but never forgotten.

If you have any questions or desire to donate please feel free to call Kathy Hughes at (360)


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